Note: Where applicable, the year when members are scheduled to rotate off of a committee or out of a position is indicated in parentheses after their names.

Program Committee: 2022 Annual Meeting

Peter Althouse, Chair (2022)

Adrian Hinkle, Executive Director (2024)

Meghan Musy, Bible (2024)

Tommy Casarez and Christopher Parkes, Christian Ethics (2024)

Dara Coleby Delgado, Diversity (2024)

Daniel Tobin, Ecumenical Studies (2024)

Andrea Johnson, History (2024)

Daniel Isgrigg, Library and Research (2023)

Joey Peyton, Missions (2024)

Yoon Shin and Joey Alan Le, Philosophy (2024)

Marcia Clarke and Susan Maros, Practical Theology/Christian Formation (2024)

Derrick Rosenior, Religion and Culture (2024)

Margaret English de Alminana, Theology (2024)

Library and Research Committee

Daniel Isgrigg, Chair (2024)

Marty Mittelstadt (ex officio)

Rick Wadholm (2020)

Peter Neumann (2021)

Editorial Committee

Adrian Hinkle, Chair (2024)

Christopher Stephenson (2022)

Lisa Stephenson (2022)

Erica Ramirez (2024)

Ekaputra Tupamahu (2024)

Nimi Wariboko, Pneuma Co-Editor (ex officio)

Bill Oliverio, Pneuma Co-Editor (ex officio)

Anthony Roberts, Pneuma Book Review Editor (ex officio)

Membership Committee

Peter Althouse, Chair (2020)

Jonathan Alvarado (2022)

Adrian Hinkle (2021)

Meghan Musy (2021)

Bradley Truman Noel (2022)

Matthew Paugh (2024)

Zach Tackett (2024)

Nominating Committee

Marty Mittelstadt, Chair (Immediate Past SPS President)

Interest Group Leaders

Diversity Committee

Dara Coleby Delgado, Chair (2022)

Benjamin Jacuk, Vice-Chair (2022

Melissa Porter-Santana, Secretary (2022)


Women's Caucus

For more information, please join our Facebook Group or contact Jacqueline Grey.

Student Caucus

For more information, please connect with us on Facebook or contact Rick Wadholm, Jr.

SPS Affiliations and Special Appointments

Canadian Pentecostal Research Network

Martin Mittelstadt

Linda Ambrose

Roman Catholic-Pentecostal Dialogue

Christopher Stephenson

Daniel Tobin

SPS at the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)

SPS Liason to SBL and Program Unit Chair for SBL Annual Meeting (U.S.):

Blaine Charette

SPS Liaison to the Interfaith Relations Commission of the National Council of Churches: USA (NCCCUSA)

Tony Richie

SPS Liaison to the Faith and Order Commission of the National Council of Churches: USA (NCCCUSA)

Peter Althouse