Call For Papers-Closed

Call For Papers: We are seeking proposals for papers to be presented at the 2020 Society for Pentecostal Studies annual meeting meeting. The meeting will take place in Costa Mesa, CA from March 19-21, 2020. Preference is given to proposals that relate to the conference theme. Ideally, papers presented at the meeting will explore a topic relevant to Pentecostal studies that address issues at the intersection of biblical/theological studies or Pentecostal hermeneutics. Proposals must be submitted by no later than June 30, 2019. 

Parallel papers are invited to explore the nature of this issue historically and contemporarily in order to address how Pentecostals have biblically, theologically, philosophically, and practically understood and responded to the needs of women experiencing violence, as well as address how Pentecostals have and can bring meaningful change. Parallel sessions might explore the following: a Pentecostal anthropology and theology of human value in Scripture, Pentecostal readings of “gender violence” and subjugation texts in Scripture, mutuality and subjugation of women in the history and traditions of Pentecostalism, sociological explanations of the relationship between gender violence and culture, and constructive theological accounts that address the various dimensions of violence today. Presenters are invited to explore such challenges and respond within the parameters of their disciplines.

The call for papers is now closed.

Meeting Details

Hosted by Vanguard University

Costa Mesa, CA

March 19-21, 2020

Program Chair: Dr. Melissa Archer, Southeastern University

Conference Theme: "This is My Body": Addressing Global Violence Against Women

More information regarding the 2020 conference and its theme is available here.

Presenter Requirements

All presenters are required to have active membership in the Society for Pentecostal Studies.  

A full description of the presentation requirements is available here.

Review the interest-group categories and leaders here.